Mi browser pro banned in India
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The default browser application on Xiaomi phones has been banned by the Government of India. Previously, the government ordered an interim ban on 59 Chinese applications that were suspected to be unsafe. Xiaomi’s Mi Community application was also part of the 59 banned apps. But there were many applications on the scanner, including the default Xiaomi Mi Browser Pro that comes pre-baked with the MIUI skin.

Well, today the Government of India has once again banned another application from Xiaomi’s app collection. Yes, we’re talking about the Mi Browser Pro that comes installed by default on MIUI-running smartphones from Xiaomi. The browser application is no longer available on the Google Play Store. Further, since the app is pre-installed on Xiaomi phones, users will not be able to use it from this point onwards. Thus, it has simply become a non-functional app.

At the moment, Xiaomi is trying its luck at convincing the government that the company does not share any user data with servers outside the country. Luckily, there are a ton of excellent browser applications already available on the Google Play store. In fact, the Google Chrome app comes pre-installed on all Android phones sold outside of China. Thus, this decision should not affect Xiaomi phone users in a significant way.

Of course, the Mi Browser Pro was not the only application that was banned by the Government of India today. Fourteen other apps were also banned along with Xiaomi’s browser. Here’s a list of some of the banned applications:

  1. AirBrush
  2. Meipai
  3. BoXxCAM
  4. NetEase
  5. Heroes War
  6. SlidePlus
  7. Baidu Search
  8. Search Lite

Apparently, around seven different versions of Parallel Space have also been put on the banned apps list by the government.



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