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Samsung was one of the first smartphone vendors to jump on board the Android bandwagon and has now become the most popular Android smartphone maker in most countries. The South Korean firm, however, may allegedly ditch the Android platform according to a fresh rumor by Dohyun Kim — a popular leaker.

The individual first posted a tweet that said “Samsung: Bye Android”. Naturally, this left many curious over what’s exactly happening. Luckily, Dohyun Kim posted a follow-up tweet confirming that Samsung is going to drop the ax on Android in favor of Fuchsia OS.

A couple of months ago, the folks over at 9to5Google spotted a number of job listings that indicated Google is ready to bring Fuchsia OS to “additional smart devices and other form factors”. However, there wasn’t much information regarding when we can expect to see Fuchsia on smartphones.

If the rumor isn’t just a rumor and Samsung has already begun planning to launch new smartphones running the mysterious OS (Fuchsia), then I’m hyped. Android has indeed become stale and still can’t match the stability iOS has to offer. Well, at least in my opinion.

That said, Dohyun Kim did mention that “It will take a few years for Samsung to adopt it”. Therefore, there’s no reason to get too excited because things might change down the line.

Anyway, we’ll just have to wait and see when Google or Samsung make any official announcement regarding the development. I doubt it’ll be anytime soon.


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