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This story was originally published on October 09, 2020. Scroll down for the latest.

The Redmi 5 Plus released back in 2018 and came with Android 7.1.2 pre-installed alongside MIUI 9.2. Xiaomi has since then released the Android 8.1 Oreo update for the device which was the last major Android update for it.

While Android version updates are out of the question, the device has been receiving MIUI updates. It’s currently running on MIUI 11 and since the Global variant of the device — dubbed Redmi Note 5 — is listed to receive the MIUI 12 update, it was expected that the Redmi 5 Plus will get it too.

Of course, it would be the obvious route for Xiaomi since the Redmi 5 Plus and global Redmi Note 5 share the exact same hardware. Thus leaving no reason why it should not update the Redmi 5 Plus as well.


However, based on the information at hand, it seems that might not be the case. A new report suggests that the device has not received any updates since November last year.

On the other hand, the global Redmi Note 5 recently picked up an update which might be a preparatory update for the release of MIUI 12. This makes us wonder whether the MIUI 12 update for the Redmi 5 Plus was even on the cards.

Seeking a response from a moderator, a Redmi 5 Plus user took to the Mi Community asking whether the device will get Xiaomi’s new skin over Android.

As it turns out, a moderator responded by stating that the device will not get the MIUI 12 update. The moderator’s comment is pretty straightforward. Thus, it’s highly likely that the information is accurate. So all hopes of the Redmi 5 Plus getting the MIUI 12 update are gone up in flames.

Of course, Xiaomi may roll back on this decision and release the update for the device when it does for the global variant of the Redmi 5 Plus (Redmi Note 5). That said, we will post an update if and when new details emerge.

Update (11 Dec 2020 01:00 pm IST): The latest developments suggest that Xiaomi has officially canceled the MIUI 12 update for a few smartphones — Redmi Y3, Redmi 7, Redmi 6A, and Redmi 6. Given that all these phones launched after the Redmi Note 5 Plus, it’s more than likely that the MIUI 12 update will indeed not be released for the device too.


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