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With the latest OxygenOS 11 update, OnePlus has introduced several new features and has revamped its OxygenOS skin. This is the first time the company has strayed away from the stock Android-like appearance for its OxygenOS skin.

With OxygenOS 11, OnePlus seems to have taken some inspiration from Samsung’s One UI.  Meaning, one-handed usability has got a major boost. Given the ever-increasing screen sizes of smartphones, Samsung’s One UI design makes a lot of sense.

So it’s good to see other OEMs begin to follow the same path. And apart from the UI overhaul, the company also introduced revamped apps such as ZenMode. The application is aimed at helping users get rid of distractions and focus on important tasks.


And since our smartphones have become one of the biggest distractions, it’s good to see companies providing features that help curb the use of them. At present, Android 11 is still only available in an Open Beta stage for the OnePlus 8 and the OnePlus 8 Pro.

Therefore, users with other OnePlus models are left out from the OxygenOS 11 experience for the time being. But things aren’t looking too shabby since OnePlus has made available the new OxygenOS 11 ZenMode application for other OnePlus smartphones that are running on Android 10.


XDA-Developers were the first to report on the matter. That said, the new ZenMode update does not only bring visual changes. It also comes with a multi-person ZenMode which lets other users also take part in the quick digital detox. We’ve added the changelog for the ZenMode update below:

Welcome to the newly designed Zen Mode!
1) Adding a variety of themes to bring you a more immersive meditation experience
2) You can create a room and invite your friends to join you to start a focus challenge together.
3) Record daily Zen moments and review the journey of concentration

In case you own a OnePlus phone running on Android 10 and want to check out the new ZenMode app first introduced in OxygenOS 11, you can do so by downloading it via the Google Play Store link below:

Zen Space
Zen Space
Developer: OnePlus Ltd.
Price: Free
  • Zen Space Screenshot
  • Zen Space Screenshot
  • Zen Space Screenshot
  • Zen Space Screenshot
  • Zen Space Screenshot



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