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Fortnite is still one of the most popular battle royale games that’s available on a range of different platforms. And on the subject of battles, Epic Games and Apple have been at loggerheads ever since the game developer decided to allow Fortnite players to bypass Apple’s payment system to avoid paying Apple a 30 percent cut from its in-app revenue.  Of course, that didn’t sit well with Apple, and most recently, the Cupertino giant sued Epic Games for breach of contract.

Legal battles aside, Fortnite is still up and running and Epic Games has been steadily pushing patches and updates to keep the game bug and error-free. However, there are a few bugs and errors remaining such as the Error Code 83 which often pops up when trying to join another group. This error is affecting PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android/iOS players.

You may see the following messages along with the Error Code 83 message — “Failed to Join Party” or “Fortnite Party is currently not responding”.


How to fix Error Code 83?

Unfortunately, the error cannot be fixed in just a couple of steps. This is because there are multiple reasons as to why the Error Code 83 message appears in Fortnite. Below, we’ll suggest a few things that you may try to fix the problem. None of the steps provided below guarantee that the issue will be fixed permanently so you may have to perform the same steps again in case the error pops up in the future.

  1. To begin, you will first have to check whether the Xbox Live or PlayStation Network servers are up and running. In case the servers are down, you will have to wait for anywhere between a few minutes or even a couple of hours.
  2. If the Xbox Live and PSN servers are running fine, it’s possible that Fortnite servers may be down or under maintenance. Once again, it may take a couple of hours to get back to normal.
  3. Next up, simply scan for any news on the official Fortnite Twitter handle. In case there are issues with the servers or some other troubles, you will get most of the new updates on the matter via the official Twitter handle.
  4. In case none of the tips above helped solve the problem, the next best thing to do is simply force close the game and re-launch it on your device. If you still have no luck, perform the same step at least two to three times since it seems some users have found this quick trick to work.
  5. It’s also recommended to check for the internet connection whether the speed or stability is working well or not. If you’re using a wireless connection, try to connect the ethernet port (wired) to your console or PC and vice versa.
  6. Reset your Wi-Fi router or power cycle it as most of the affected players are using Wi-Fi. So, you will just need to clear the cache or temporary glitch from your internet connectivity.

Unfortunately, Fortnite hasn’t acknowledged the issue thus we cannot say for sure when and if it will release a patch for the Error Code 83 issue.


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