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Some Doordash users got lucky today as they were able to bag themselves “free” meals thanks to a glitch in the app. Many users took to Twitter to alert others about the glitch.

The gltich, however, was resolved very soon and thus many of those who weren’t able to take advantage of the slip up by Doordash took to Twitter to rant about their bad luck.

k.🫶🏼 on Twitter: “Damn I missed the doordash glitch 😂😂😂” / Twitter

Bookie 🦂✨ on Twitter: “I missed the glitch that doordash had 😩” / Twitter

itty bitty laflare👑 on Twitter: “Damn I missed the DoorDash glitch😫 now that’s super wild onbro” / Twitter

Treycasso 😈 on Twitter: “Not gonna lie if I would of caught that DoorDash glitch I would of had about 100 wings from wingstop or Buffalo Wild Wings” / Twitter

Doordash is yet to make a public statement about the glitch. So we’ll keep an eye out for any information about the glitch from the company’s side.

At present, it’s unclear whether or not those who took advantage of the free food glitch on Doordash will have to somehow pay for their meals or not. It’s highly unlikey that will be the case.

Therefore, Doordash may have to foot the bill themselves and hope and pray that the glitch never pops up again.


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