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Season 6 for Warzone and Cold War dropped a few days ago bringing along a bunch of improvements as well as other new stuff we’ve come to expect from every new season.

The complete patch notes for the latest season can be viewed here. Of course, there’s a lot to unpack. That said, like with just about every season update, Season 6 for Warzone also introduces a few bugs and issues.

Some of these bugs don’t really mess with the gameplay, however, they do end up ruining the overall experience. One such bug is the one where the game drops frames while in the menu.

Soon after Season 6 dropped for Warzone and Cold War, many players took to Twitter to report that they were noticing abnormal FPS drops or hitching in the menu.

Once in the game, the frame rate becomes normal again. Fortunately, Raven Software didn’t take all that long to acknowledge the bug and confirmed that they are working on a fix for it.

While the developers did confirm that they’re working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, there’s no concrete timeline for when players can expect to see a patch.

That said, we doubt it will take much longer for it to be fixed as the team has already identified the cause. So hopefully a fix for the FPS drops or hitching in the menu of COD: Warzone is resolved in a week or two.

We’ll keep tabs on the matter and will update the story once we get wind of any further developments here.


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